Directions and Locations

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You can take the following bus lines to reach us from the Mainz main station:
62 (going from Gonsenheim Wildpark to Weisenau/Friedrich-Ebert-Str.)
63 (going from Mombach/Am Lemmchen to Laubenheim) 
67 (going from Mainz Hbf to Zornheim/Hahnheimer Str.) 
71 (going from Stadecken to Landwehrweg)

Get off the bus at the stop called Universitätsmedizin.


You can take the following tram lines to reach us:
50 (going from Finthen/Römerquelle to Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus) 
51 (going from Finthen/Poststraße to Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus) 
52 (going from Bretzenheim/Bahnstraße to Hechtsheim/Am Schinnergraben)

Get off the tram at the stop called "Gautor".